Andy and Ben Gosling

It’s not all mateship, utes and B&S balls out in the distant isolated farm towns of Australia. There’s darkness. Madness. The Devil.

The Lazy Farmer’s Sons are Andy and Ben Gosling, two brothers hailing from the North-West Victorian badlands. They sing of the harshness of the land, the brutal reality of isolation in the Australian bush, and the darkness of the soul as a farmer watches another year’s worth of topsoil blown away in north winds; of friends leaving farms made desolate by a decade of drought, of picking themselves up after another disastrous season and hurling themselves at the harsh labour of fencing and cropping.

Andy and Ben Gosling

For these musicians, storytelling is not just entertainment for those without TV reception or a broadband connection – it’s a combination of bearing witness to what’s happening around them and a way of surviving, of tapping the energy and passions within and bringing catharsis from the edge of the abyss.

Small Sky (Cover)


Small Sky

  1. Wire and Bone
  2. Small Sky
  3. Drover’s Breakfast
  4. Phil Ryan’s Commonwealth
  5. Sydney International
  6. Grain Train
  7. North Winds of May
  8. Rusty Spoon
  9. Pissed at the Station
  10. Ridin Through
  11. Cactus Cutters’ Ball
The Devil's Plough (Cover)


The Devil’s Plough

Sold Out
  1. The Lazy Farmer’s Sons
  2. Augathella Station
  3. The Devil’s Plough
  4. Pie Melons and Pine Logs
  5. Dogline
  6. Sunday Dress
  7. Iron E. Mining Co
  8. Sail Away Ladies
  9. Withered by the Dawn
  10. Botany Bay
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